Johns Hopkins came into the dome and put a big, big hurt on Syracuse dropping the orange 18-7. Cole Williams had another monster game putting up 4 goals and an assist and Alex Concannon contributed 3 goals and 2 assists on the day. It was a day where Hopkins could do no wrong as Syracuse was leaving open players all over the field, and said players proceeded to pick Cuse apart little by little.

What was a 3-2 game as the 2nd quarter neared its close, quickly turned ugly as Hopkins extended their lead to 7-2 with 4 seconds remaining in the 1st half.

It’s a sad day for Syracuse lacrosse, but they’ll try to bounce back next week as they always do. John Desko has a track record of winning games after bad losses. It’s already happened this year as Syracuse got trounced by Albany at home, and came back the next weekend beating Army by a goal.