The Johns Hopkins Blue Jays hosted Delaware on Saturday afternoon, and for 3 quarters, the Blue Hens (seriously, I’m going to have to look into why this is their mascot) hung tough and made a game of it.  But in the end, Kyle Marr proved to be far too much man for Delaware to handle, putting up a natural hatrick in the 4th quarter as Hopkins went on a huge run, eventually running away with it 14-8.

Shack Stanwick also had a huge day, contributing a monster 2 goals and 5 assists, and it was the usual suspects for the Jays filling out the scoring. Cole Williams, Joel Tinney and Thomas Guida all put up 2 goals and an assist in the victory.

Joe Eisele, Bryce Reid and Charlie Kitchen (now there is a unique name) netted 2 goals each for Delaware.

Hopkins is playing TOUGH lacrosse right now. They are as good as anyone offensively and they’ve started figuring things out on the defensive side of the ball.  As a side note, Brock Turnbaugh had a rough day, but it didn’t matter.  He’s been pretty solid for Hopkins this season.