In our first official podcast, I sit down to chat with Joe Yevoli about being young and dumb, and about how John Desko has an angry look that can pierce your soul. We get into Joe’s experience of playing three years at UVA prior to transferring to Syracuse to play his senior season and also discuss the MLL, the implementation of a college shot clock in 2019 and Bill Tierney’s hillarious comment about feeling a bit of remorse for yelling at former players (something I’ve always admired him for, the yelling part that is).

Most importantly, we talk about what Joe & Rob Pannell meant when they discussed “upstate NY guys being different”. I was asking the important questions people.

You can listen to Joe host the GameChanger Lacrosse Podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud. He interviews a list of both current and future hall of famers.  Guys like Johns Hopkins great and current head coach Dave Pietramala, current UNC head coach Joe Breschi, current Denver head coach Bill Tierney, and fellow upstate NY’er and Syracuse legend, Ryan Powell.

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