I listened to the Inside Lacrosse Podcast from 11/27 or so, and because it’s a very, very slow news day in lacrosse, I’m going to rattle off the things that I agreed with Quint Kessenich about ranging from how I believe the 20-second clear is going to play more in college lacrosse in 2019 than the 80-second shot clock, on how I think Syracuse is going to get themselves back on the map in 2019 and how I hope Olympic lacrosse doesn’t stink, but I don’t really think it will.

In all, I touch on some details about the clear and shot clock that I was glad to hear discussed in the sense that it confirmed my thought that the clearing game will be greatly affected by the new rules.

I discuss Quint’s take on how December is an important time for college lacrosse players and how if they get December right, it will pay off big in January.

I talk about Syracuse and the fact people may be sleeping on the Orange, but they return a bunch of young midfielders, some not so young players and they are going to be a tough draw both in the regular season as well as the NCAA tournament.

Lastly, the Olympics and lacrosse will finally be mixing (hopefully). Now we wait to learn more about the format, 6v6, 8v8, what is the committee going to decide?