In the first Lacrosse Turnover Battles, we’ll take a look at Virginia and Loyola’s battle in the first round of the NCAA Tournament where Loyola dropped the Cav’s thanks to a 10-7 advantage in turnovers going into the 4th quarter, and they only let UVA eek back into the game due to their own 5 turnovers in the 4th quarter.

Loyola jumped out to a big lead that held until their disastrous 4th quarter that saw Loyola turn the ball over 5 times which allowed Virginia to get back in the game a bit.

UVA sophomore Dox Aitken caused 2 turnovers in the middle of the field as a midfielder, proving he’s tough as nails and can play tough both offensively, and between the boxes.

Loyola’s Ryder Harkins plagued UVA all day forcing 3 turnovers and Foster Huggins also turned a couple of smart double-teams into 2 forced turnovers of his own.