In the 5th episode of the LaxFactor Lacrosse Podcast we discuss US Lacrosse’s way too early rankings, my prediction for who I think will win it all at the D1 level in 2018, lacrosse and the Olympics and what that may look like (and why it gives me a bit of worry) and another podcast you should be listening to, The Lacrosse Podcast over on Lacrosse All Stars YT page.

I’m all for lacrosse and the Olympics, but I’m worried that what ends up getting put on the field won’t hold up to what we know and love about lax already. I discuss that in some detail.

I rip through and reflect on US Lacrosse’s Too Early Top 5 which includes (5) Virginia, (4) Cornell, (3) Maryland, (2) Duke and (1) Yale. I agree with all five placements. College lacrosse is back baby!!!

I talk about the dive being brought back to NCAA lacrosse and how I’m afraid they’ve made the rule way too complicated.

I talk about the new “The Lacrosse Podcast” that launched the same week we launched this podcast officially. I dig em and you should give them a listen…