So we’re not even 6 quarters into the NCAA Lacrosse season starting, as I type this, it’s not quite halftime of High Point and St. Bonnie. The Vermont/Utah game last night had it been played by last years rules would have ended up in the area of 17-8, maybe 18-10, somewhere in there. The shotclock definately picked up pace a bit and where Vermont would have normally stalled things out a bit more, they ended up being forced into attacking the cage, they couldn’t take more time with subs.

THE RESULT? The shot clock is NOT going to help the lesser teams and will result in a lot more offense, and sometimes will result in much wider spreads in terms of score.

I’m cool with it though. The old rules would allow lesser teams to play stall ball to the point of madness, even with the “arbitrary” shot clock in place. These new rules aren’t going to allow for that, and after just 6 quarters of lacrosse have already improved pace.