On this LaxFactor Podcast Quick Hit… This is my love letter to Quint Kessenich, Brian Carcaterra & Anish Shroff, the three guys that make up the best lacrosse broadcasting team in the business. No other team is even close. There isn’t another team at all is there? I can’t name one. I don’t want to know about it or hear about it even if there is because these guys are it for me.

Quint Kessenich is a 4-foot tall hobbit that once played goalie (at a crazy high level) for the most evil lacrosse team in the land, John’s Hopkins.

Paul Carcaterra (PCarc) once played lacrosse for the most beloved team in the land, the Syracuse Orange where he excelled, and was also crazy handsome.

I’m not sure what Anish Shroff did other than attend Syracuse, which automatically makes him fairly awesome.

I see these guys take a lot of criticism on the inter-webs, so I wanted to make this short podcast letting them know I appreciate them. I may even go as far as to say I love you guys.

Yours Truly, Ted Hust (aka TeddyLax, aka The Ted Man)