In this weeks College Lacrosse Weekend Preview Show, we’ll talk tournament positioning, what the games this week mean along those lines and more. The ACC could see all five lacrosse teams get in, Duke, Syracuse & Virginia are locks, but if Notre Dame and North Carolina each make the finals, could all 5 get in?

The America East lacrosse landscape is also pretty complex. They’ll only get one team in, but it could be either Stony Brook, Albany or Vermont. All have a legit shot.

The Big 10 tournament seedings aren’t set yet, but the favorites are obviously Penn State and Maryland, both locks for the NCAA tournament. Johns Hopkins needs to beat Maryland to have a shot to get in, and Ohio State needs Hopkins to lose. It’s a mess. But the B1G has 2 teams in for sure, could end up with as many as 3 if Hopkins or Ohio State end up winning the tournament.

The Ivy League, does Cornell need a win this weekend to make the Ivy tournament? Does Cornell get in if they don’t get into the Ivy? Yale has the best shot, but Penn is solid. The Ivy could see 3 teams get in if Cornell and Penn face-off in the finals.

The Patriot could see Loyola, Boston U, Army? Great conference, Loyola is the favorite, but they could get two teams into the NCAA tournament if Loyola doesn’t win the conference tournament.

The Big East, Denver? The Colonial, Towson? The Metro, who cares?