LaxFactor Podcast: Should Lacrosse Coaches Chirp Officials/Refs At Any Level?: In this episode of the LaxFactor Lacrosse Podcast, I wanted to discuss a very interesting discussion I was taking part in on a Facebook lacrosse group. Some think that officials need to do a better job policing college coaches chirping them. They think it’s setting a bad example for the “kids” and I disagree.

I’m a “use all moments in life as teaching moments”. Bill Tierney screaming at a coach is a good time to talk to your own kids about how his players never chirp. They see the coach has their back, and they just play.

But it’s far more complex than that, so let me know what you think on this topic. Should lacrosse coaches at any level give lacrosse officials the business? Is it OK for college and varsity lacrosse coaches, but not lower levels? What are your thoughts?