If you watch the news, it is now official. Parents of kids participating in youth sports have lost their damn minds. They are beating up umpires, yelling at coaches, fighting each other in the stands. It’s absolute anarchy. It has even spilled over into our usually more peaceful northern neighbors in Canada with a box lacrosse player waiting outside for an official and then proceeded to beat his ass.

All bad, we can’t have it, and we as parents and fans need to work to stomp this out before it gets to the levels we see with hockey where it’s acceptable for a player to cuss out an official…almost expected even.

What spurred this quick podcast on was seeing a post on a lacrosse Facebook group where one of the coaches mentioned having enforcers on the sideline that make sure parents are behaving and following the rules as outlined by the coaches/organization. Great idea, but it’s sad this is necessary. But alas, it’s 2019. Anything is possible.