In this segement of the 62nd LaxFactor Lacrosse Podcast, we play “Ask Ted” and the first question I answer from the College Lacrosse Discussion Group on Facebook goes like this…

From Jesse Bruning:
“Probably not the kind of ‘quick’ question you were planning on answering, but here goes: With the popularity of the sport still expanding, NCAA D1 teams increasing, large ‘football schools’ suddenly getting competetive, conference alignment, etc, etc… should fans of powerhouse programs from the past (Syracuse, Hopkins, etc) just be happy they’re staying relevant and not expect the dynasty-stutus they’ve enjoyed in the past? I.e., can all of their fans stop pretending like their coaches are on the hot seat just because they aren’t guaranteed a Memorial Day weekend anymore?”

Well I’m glad you asked Jesse, because I’m just opinionated enough to think I have an answer for you.

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