In the first episode of LaxFactor Daily, I discuss Paul Carcaterra’s (@paulcarcaterra) recent tweet about five D1 attackers that aren’t getting enough RESPECT. First up, Corson Kealey, a junior out of Robert Morris.

He’s a nice dodger
Yet another lefty, Canadian, it’s like there is something in the water up there. But Kealey is a dodging, offense creating lefty Canadian. Not as quick and shifty as Cornell’s Teat, and not as accomplished sniper from outside as Denver’s Walker. Both of those guys are filthy lefty Canadian attack men that can dodge with the best of them. But Kealey isn’t far behind them in terms of his dodging and finishing prowess. His 51 goals with a 41.6 shooting percentage tells you what you need to know. The kid put 73% of his shots on cage. That’s because he’s mixing it up, and getting shots in close.

Versatile in how he attacks you
A lot of Canadians like to keep you out front, they dodge from wings and love going underneath, something Kealey excels at. But he can also dodge from X, get you on the high side if you try and not give him the underneath. So if you overplay him high, he’s sure to merk you, whether it’s from the wing or from X. But if you try to take away that underneath dodge, whether he rolls you, face-dodges you, swims you, whatever, if you take that way, he’ll wrap it off you on the high side.

As with most Canucks, he’s great in transition, broken plays
Surprise…he can burn you as the lefty finisher on a fast break, he’ll sting one from the back side on man up. He picks up ground balls and goes to the cooker. 33 ground balls in fact, so he mixes it up for sure.

Can hit an open guy.
He’s not going to do anything crazy and have a 4-helper outing. But if an open man presents himself, he will hit him. Robert Morris has some.

Has help coming back
Robert Morris lost a couple of scorers in Tyson Gibson (67 points) and Matt Schmidt (41 points), but senior Ryan Smith returns as do his 37 goals and 19 helpers. Jake Boudreau put up 15 goals, 18 assists and is also back for his Junior year. Austin Popovich could see a jump in production as well with burn opening up in front of him.