There are a lot of talented midfielders playing college lacrosse in 2020, but the three guys I’m going to outline in this video, Jamie Trimboli (SR, Syracuse), Jack Hannah (JR, Denver) and Jonathan Donville (JR, Cornell) are all having MONSTER seasons so far in 2020.

It’s actually hard to call any of these guys “breakout stars” as they have all had great careers since stepping onto their respective campus’, but these guys are all seeing big production jumps in 2020 and all have been called upon to step up and lead their teams.

Trimboli is as clutch as you get, scoring game-winners against Duke as a freshman and sophomore and has consistently put up points since stepping on campus. Hannah didn’t factor as a rookie, but last season as a sophomore had a great year and is set to be one of the top midfielders in the country in 2020. Donville has put up 30+ points in each of his first two seasons with Cornell, but is on place to bust those numbers up on 2020.

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