The Duke Blue Devils had a pretty good squad in the shortened 2020 season. Add Michael Sowers to the mix while also retaining the services of pretty much your entire 2020 roster, and that is a recipe for winning of the likes Duke hasn’t seen in a few years.

I’ve always been very up front about the fact that I think Michael Sowers is one of the best college lacrosse players of all time. Now Duke has that guy. Couple that with JT Giles-Harris, a guy many argue is the best long pole in the country, and now the Blue Devils take the field every game with the #1 player in the country and the #1 defender in the country. That’s going to make them tough to beat.

Guys that will compliment Sowers on offense, Joey Manown, Joe Robertson, Dyson Williams, Reilly Walsh, Nakeie Montgomery, Owen Caputo, Kevin Quigley, Sean Lowrie, Brendan O’Neill. I mean the list goes on. Teams will have to focus on Sowers, but others will feast as #22 draws eyeballs.

I’m not trying to predict Duke will win it all in 2021. Teams still have to play and win games. All I’m saying is that this team is in fact built to destroy, and it is going to take a total team effort from everyone they play to topple this giant in 2021.

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