The Hobart Statesmen have been as good offensively as anyone over the last three seasons.  In 2019 Hobart averaged 13.94 goals per game, good for 9th in the nation. The covid shortened 2020 season saw Hobart sitting at #1 in scoring offense with 19.6 goals per game. A full goal per game more than the #2 team, Cornell. A huge improvement.

A big problem is the loss of Eric Holden. Hobart doesn’t have a lot of grad school options, so Holden is off to Maryland where he’ll likely see time at midfield. He was a top-5 scorer in the nation in 2020 after 5 games with 20 goals and 8 assists. Losing Holden will sting for sure.

Also gone, standout goalkeeper Sam Lucchesi. An excellent goalie who had improved a ton in each of the last three seasons. He stopped 48% of his shots faced in 2018 as a sophomore. 52% in 2019 as a junior, and was sitting at 56.6% as a senior in the short season. Lucchesi ended up ditching college to play for the Bayhawks in the MLL

But there is still reason to be optimistic in Geneva. Ryan Archer (7g, 11a) and Jason Knox (18g, 3a) both return, as do 5 of their top 9 leading scorers from a season ago. Also back, John Herlihy (12g, 1a) and Derrek Madonna (7g, 2a), both capable scorers and ready to step up and get more touches.

Also returning, PJ Delpha (defense), Sam Mueller (defense) and Eoin Hurley (lsm). The goalie situation is unclear. But having three solid returners on the defensive end doesn’t hurt. Hobart finished 43rd in scoring defense in 2020 giving up 12 goals per game. They’ll need to make sure their defense plays strong and helps their new goalkeeper. Could end up being Holtby who got some time as the backup last year and looked solid.

So yes, anyone that is a true fan of the Statesmen would admit, they are feeling the sting of losing a guy like Holden. But he’s far away, playing for a team that likes their state flag a touch too much. Hobart has plenty to work with in Upstate, New York, and I have a feeling they’ll be just fine.

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