In this new audio only show, we’ll explore news as it comes out, and where there isn’t a lot of news we’ll simply discuss random lacrosse related topics. In todays first episode, we’ll talk about’s top 50 list covering the men only, numbers 50 through 41.  Guys we talk about in this episode…

#50, Asher Nolting, Attack, High Point
#48, Kyle Gallagher, Face-Off, Notre Dame (Penn Transfer)
#46, Chase Scanlan, Attack, Syracuse
#45, Ryan McNulty, LSM, Loyola
#42, Jackson Morrill, Attack, Denver (Yale Transfer)

Let me say, it is a travesty that Jackson Morrill is this low on the list.  He’s a former Tewaaraton Finalist, and easily one of the top 10 players in college lacrosse.  Even if you disagree with my “easily” assessment, he’s a top 15 guy and I’d be willing to call anyone that would disagree a moron… their face…..well unless they were a lot bigger than me.

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