Yes, TD Ierlan decided to transfer to Denver. Yes, Syracuse has back their full roster and is at full strength in 2021. Both pieces of information are crazy news. But nothing compares to the fact we will be able to watch college lacrosse this weekend.

First game of the 2021 season, Bellarmine @ Mercer most likely won’t be all that close as Mercer brings back almost everyone from a very good team last year. Mercer returns Sean Goldsmith’s 34 goals and 8 assists as well as Michael Quinn’s 12 goals and 12 assists. More importantly for Mercer, they bring back Wesley Chairs, Danny Walsh and Garrett LeClaire on the defensive side of the ball. Mercer is a complete team.

MY PREDICTION: Mercer -6.5

The second and more interesting game of the weekend is Utah @ Denver. Keep in mind, Utah has a totally new looking team. They have lost almost everyone on offense. Denver on the other hand brings back almost everyone on offense and added Jackson Morrill and Lucas Cotler. Throw in the fact that Jungle Jack Hannah played 2020 like someone told him he was the best midfielder in the country and now Morrill is paired on attack with Ethan Walker, one of the best finishers in the game, meets one of the best QB’s in the game, Denver is going to be scary with all caps.


About TD Ierlan’s announced transfer to Denver, it’s reported by Terry Foy that he won’t be able to take the field for the first time until Denver’s 8th or 9th game, so that will factor.

Come back Saturday morning for the pre-game livestream on Saturday at 10am on the dot. We’ll talk about the upcoming games and I’ll answer questions. Then come back again on Sunday for the weekend recap show.

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