The college lacrosse season saw an early end in 2020, so we don’t really know how Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, Towson, Rutgers and Bryant would have finished off their seasons, but it’s safe to say all five teams will be looking to bounce back and attempt to start 2021 with a bit more giddyup.

Hopkins with a new coach and a healthy Joey Epstein have a lot of potential. Notre Dame is barely needs a bounce back as they were pretty solid last year and only had one bad loss out of their three in 2020. Rutgers will improve thanks to the transfer portal and a solid culture. Bryant was going to finish 2020 above .500 so they are just hoping to be further above .500 in 2021 than they would have been in 2020. Towson started 0-6, but I argue they were one of the best 0-6 teams of all time, and that a tough schedule and some tough luck is largely to blame for their terrible start.

PLL is hitting the road again. Chris Bocklet is out of the hospital and in rehab, great news. Ivy is still not committed to playing.

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