College lacrosse is almost upon us so here is our pre-season top 20 for division 1 lacrosse in 2021. It starts out really ACC heavy, and gets filled out by the Big Ten and Ivy schools. The list goes…

  1. Duke
  2. Syracuse
  3. Maryland
  4. Virginia
  5. Denver
  6. North Carolina
  7. Cornell
  8. Penn State
  9. Notre Dame
  10. Yale
  11. Georgetown
  12. Loyola
  13. Army
  14. Ohio State
  15. Richmond
  16. UMass
  17. Lehigh
  18. Penn
  19. Johns Hopkins
  20. Rutgers

We’ll also rip through and talk about Richmond’s squad in 2021 and how I think they should probably win the SoCon. Owen Murphy entered the transfer portal and is apparently no longer hanging with the Hopkins team.

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