The Big Ten Lacrosse Conference seedings and tournament schedule is set. Maryland get’s the #1 seed, Rutgers the #2, Penn State the #3, Ohio State #4, Michigan #5 (thanks to a coin toss) and Hopkins is the last seed. That tournament will kick off this weekend with Maryland as the obvious favorite after going 10-0 in conference play this season.

The CAA, NEC, America East and Patriot League all have games being played this weekend that will help finalize their tournament fields and seeding. We’ll discuss those.

And we’ll very briefly touch on the Chase Scanlan vs Syracuse saga. I hate being shady and not getting more into what’s going on, but this is a serious matter and no one, including myself, wants to say the wrong thing here. So cut us some slack, we can discuss in a manner that feeds your curiosity because it is a big story, but there are also humans involved, and some of those humans could have lawyers in play and I hate lawyers.

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