In todays show we’ll talk about the Duke and Notre Dame rematch that will be played Thursday night on the ACC Network. This will be a monster lacrosse game played under the lights in primetime. Michael Sowers and company will look to get revenge over Notre Dame and their insane defense.

We’ll rip through the top 5 teams in the country and talk about each teams “key players” for continued success. On this topic we’ll discuss Michael Sowers at Duke and how Duke can better utilize his skill. Jared Bernhardt has been on a tear for the Terps and we’ll discuss what makes him so good. Kyle Thornton has been Notre Dame’s biggest stat getter on the defensive side of the ball and he needs to keep that up so Notre Dame can keep winning big games. Matt Moore is a beast that needs to work a touch on his shot selection for UVA to be at their best. Colin Krieg needs to keep standing on his head if North Carolina is going to win their final two ACC contests.

There are some huge conference matchups being played this weekend within the America East, the CAA and the Patriot League and we’ll talk about those games as well.

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