We have had a great week of college lacrosse action with conference tournaments in full swing. On Thursday night we saw teams like Maryland, Denver, Georgetown and Drexel all handle their business. We also saw teams like Albany, Vermont and Hopkins pull upsets that will keep those hoping for at large bids guessing.

Hopkins win over Rutgers was the big one, as Rutgers will now pray that Maryland wins the Big Ten Tournament and not eat up one of the coveted at large bids. The same goes for Delaware. They’ll be hoping Drexel takes down Hofstra so they don’t have to compete with the Dragons for an at large. Every good team that lost is hoping the better teams win their conference tourny’s.

So we’ll see Maryland take on Hopkins in the Big Ten finals. We’ll see Bryant take on Saint Joseph’s in the NEC finals. We’ll see Vermont take on Albany in the America East finals. The Patriot league still has to work through their semi-final games today (Friday). And yes, I ran out of time to talk about the MAAC again, but at least I didn’t trash on them today.

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