Imagine working your ass off for most of your life to become the best in the world at the thing you love doing most. Imagine being recognized for that accomplishment, on the biggest stage, your sports All Star game, only to have the league take a dump on your position, and only your position, and make a mockery of what it is you do, instead of embracing it and allowing the games best to do serious battle in a game that otherwise means nothing.

That is what is happening in the PLL All-Star game tonight.  In a game that will likely see very little in the way of really physical defense, which means lots of scoring all over the field, the one area where the guys can’t go half ass, the face-off stripe will be the sideshow of the night.

The league will be implementing a series of rules that are supposed to be fun, innovative, showcase the face-off athletes skills beyond pinching, popping, and partying, but in reality only help to further alienate these guys more which results in trash takes from teammates.  Like goalies should be talking shit.

I’m with the guys that defend the face-off in lacrosse. We should celebrate the fact it’s become so cut-throat a position, with guys spending 365 days out of the year honing their craft, mastering a plethora of skills with one goal in mind….winning the rock for their team.

These guys should be applauded, and we should put their faces on the sides of mountains instead of what they get which is a faction of lacrosse coaches, players and fans all crying for the removal of their position from the sport.

I stand with the face-off guy, the grittiest mother fuckers in the industry.