This weekend will see #3 Virginia host #1 Notre Dame in a game that could decide who get’s the #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. The Big Ten Tournament kicks off with Ohio State vs Michigan and Rutgers vs Maryland. Conference tournament seeds will be completely locked up by the end of the day on Saturday and we can officially begin the postseason. Syracuse and North Carolina will each finish their season against Duke and Notre Dame respectively and a win will give them hope for an at large bid, a loss will end both of their seasons.


Duke, Virginia and Notre Dame are already in.  The question becomes could long-shots North Carolina or Syracuse also get in by winning this weekend.  Syracuse takes on Duke and Carolina takes on Notre Dame, so each could pick up a huge win that would greatly increase their RPI’s and chances of being one of the last two teams in.

Syracuse @ Duke

If Syracuse can pick up a win, that could increase their RPI to as high as 15 or so, and because they don’t have any “bad losses”, a win would give them a bit of hope.

Notre Dame @ Virginia

Huge game this weekend that may not be getting quite as much attention since this is simply a pissing match that will likely grant the winner the higher seed in the NCAA tournament.  For Notre Dame, a win just about guarantees them the #1 seed so long as they don’t lose to Carolina after.  For Virginia, win this one and they’d have a long shot at the #1 seed, but more than likely would lock up either the #2 or #3.

Notre Dame @ North Carolina

Same as with Syracuse, a win over Notre Dame would jump North Carolina’s RPI up quite a bit and would put them firmly on the bubble as either one of the first teams in or out. NOTE HOWEVER, this game doesn’t take place until May 6th.  Carolina is off this weekend.

Big Ten

The B1G Tournament is upon us and kicks off this weekend.

Ohio State @ Michigan

This game was just played and Michigan was a 19-14 winner.  I think this game could go either way despite how well Michigan handled the Buckeyes last weekend. Winner takes on Penn State on Star Wars Day.  Penn State has already beat them both.

Rutgers @ Maryland

Maryland beat Rutgers on the road about 10 days ago or so.  A 3-goal Terps win.  I like the Terps to pull out a win again.  Rutgers needs the win more that Maryland in terms of playoff hopes.  Rutgers is firmly on the bubble and a loss is probably enough to result in them being one of the first teams out.  For Maryland, they are probably OK even if they lose and would probably get the 7th or 8th at large if they lose this weekend.  If Rutgers wins, that could be enough to boost their resume and punch their ticket, but they’ll want to win the whole fucking thing just to be safe.  Winner of this game takes on Hopkins on the 4th.  Hopkins beat them both in the regular season.

Ivy League

Princeton @ Cornell

This game will decide the 1 seed for the Ivy tournament.  Cornell has played well all season and Princeton seems to be playing their best lacrosse at the right time, winners of 4 of their last 5.

If Princeton loses this game, they would drop to the 3 seed as Penn defeated them by a goal in mid-March.

Yale @ Harvard

This is a win and your in game for both teams.  Yale is certainly the favorite considering Harvard has lost their last two games to Penn and Princeton by a margin.  But the wounded dog is dangerous.

Patriot League

Six teams get into the Patriot League Tournament.  There are games this weekend being played that would seem to be playing into the seeding…

Boston U. @ Army

This should be a hell of a game and I believe the winner will get the #1 seed in the Patriot tourney.

Navy @ Bucknell

Navy has already locked up a spot and I believe if they beat Bucknell they lock up at least the 5 seed.  If Navy wins and Loyola loses to Lehigh, I think Navy can sneak themselves into the 4 seed.  If Navy wins and Lehigh loses to Loyola, that could see Navy jump up to the 3 seed as that would put all three at 5-3 and Navy beat both Loyola and Lehigh.

Loyola @ Lehigh

OK, a bit more on these two teams.  Boston U. already has a tiebreaker over Lehigh, so even of the Terriers lose, and Lehigh wins, I believe the best Lehigh can do is the 3 seed.  For Loyola, if they can pull out a road win, they would frog jump Lehigh into the 3 seed so long as Navy loses.  A Lehigh loss could see them drop from the 3 seed all the way down to the 5 as they have the tiebreak over Navy.

Lafayette is in.  Even if Bucknell picks up a W and finishes 3-5 with Lafayette, the Leopards ate the Bison’s chances when they beat them by a goal last weekend.


Delaware has already clinched the 1 seed in this one. Drexel, Stony Brook and Towson are all fighting it out for seeding with Hofstra also in the hunt depending on how things shake out.

Stony Brook @ Hofstra

If Hofstra can take down Stony Brook they will both be sitting at 4-3 and I believe Hofstra punches the ticket and grabs the 4 seed. Hofstra lost to Towson but beat Drexel, so if shit goes sideways for Drexel against Monmouth (it won’t), Hofstra could even jump up to 3 or so?  The math is too tough for my brain.

Delaware @ Towson

Towson has the toughest road.  I think they can grab the 4 seed despite losing, but I’m too lazy to have played out every scenario in this one.  If Towson wins, they could go as high as the 2 seed.  If they lose, they could potentially get bumped, but still have a shot depending on how it shakes out everywhere else.

Monmouth @ Drexel

Easy for Drexel, win and get the 2 seed.  Lose and drop to as low as 4th.  I think they are in either way though, although I could be wrong.

America East

Vermont has already locked up the 1 seed in the America East tournament.  Even if they lose to UMBC this weekend, which they probably won’t, they hold the tiebreaker over Bryant.

Bryant locked up the 2 seed by beating Binghamton last weekend.

Albany @ Binghamton

Albany lost by 3 goals to Penn last night, but that will hopefully be some good practice leading into their game at Binghamton this weekend.  Both teams are already locked into the AE tournament, but the winner will get the 3 seed. 


I believe the 3 teams that are in are Saint Joseph’s (who’s already locked the 1 seed), Richmond (who I think is already the 2 seed) and High Point.  Even if High Point loses this weekend, they have the tiebreaker over Hobart (assuming Hobart were to beat UMass).

Hobart @ UMass

This is the big game for this weekend in the A10.  With the other 3 tournament slots notched and nothing but seeding left for High Point it becomes a “win and your in” between Hobart and UMass.


I believe 6 teams get into this tournament.  That means Utah has locked up the 1 seed. Air Force may have the 2 seed locked up already.  Jacksonville, Air Force and Bellarmine are jockeying for seeding, but all are in as well.

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