Syracuse Lacrosse’s History With The #22

#22 has a long standing history with the sport of lacrosse in general, not just at Syracuse.

The jersey #22 has long been doled out to a lacrosse teams captain or best player, and not necessarily only offensive players as is common these days. Back in the “old days”, the #22 could be warn by a senior defender as easily as someone on attack.

But these days, if you ask a lacrosse player between the ages of 25 and 60 what single team is #22 most associated with, and their answers will be almost unanimously Syracuse.

Starting with Gary Gait all the way through to Mike Powell, the jersey #22 was warn by a player that was a 4-time All-American.  For 17 seasons in a row, someone was named an All-American while wearing #22 for Syracuse.  Gary Gait only wore the jersey between his sophomore and senior years, and Ryan Powell donned it for his junior and senior year, but each were 4-time All-Americans.


Gary Gait (1988-1990)

3 National Titles
4-Time All-American
192 goals, 61 assists, 253 points

Charlie Lockwood (1991-1994)

4-Time All-American
1 National Title
87 goals, 55 assists, 152 points

Casey Powell (1995-1998)

4-Time All-American
1 National Title
158 goals, 129 assists, 287 points

Ryan Powell (1999-2000)

4-Time All-American
1 National Title
137 goals, 150 assists, 287 points

Mike Powell (2001-2004)

4-Time 1st Team All-American
2 National Titles
150 goals, 157 assists, 307 points

Dan Hardy (2006-2009)

2 National Titles
3-Time All-American
83 goals, 53 assists, 136 points

Cody Jamieson (2010)

1 National Title
36 goals, 16 assists, 53 points (2-year span)

JoJo Morasco (2011-2013)

1-Time All-American
54 goals, 87 assists, 141 points

Jordan Evans (2014-2017)

57 goals, 36 assists, 93 points

Chase Scanlan (2020-present)

2-Time All American (1 w/ Loyola)
18g goals, 5 assists, 23 points