This week on the LaxFactor Lacrosse Podcast #4, we discuss a bunch of division 1 college lacrosse attackmen that I’m excited to see coming back for 2019, including Pat Spencer, Jeff Teat, Michael Sowers, Michael Kraus, Cole Williams, Stephen Rehfuss, Jared Bernhardt, Tehoka Nanticoke, and I accidentally cut out the section for Ryder Garnsey, so you Garnsey, fans….my bad.

There is more talent on attack in college lacrosse there there has ever been. Guys like Pat Spencer, Michael Sowers, Jeff Teat and Michael Kraus are generational level talents. We are lucky to witness high level of attack play.

Lacrosse attackmen come in all shapes and sizes. You have big guys like Spencer and Kraus and you have little guys like Teat and Sowers, but all bring a level of skill and lacrosse IQ to the table that are off the charts.

And guys like Ethan Walker and Jared Bernhardt can smell the back of the net like hungry wolves.