Lacrosse Film Review Videos

Informational and instructive lacrosse videos using game footage to break down a wide variety lacrosse topics.

Lacrosse Film Review: Catching The Ball Loaded & Ready To Shoot

In this LaxFactor Lacrosse Film Review, we are going to watch and discuss numerous clips showing guys catching the ball ready to shot. Some call it catching the ball "loaded" and that would be a very accurate description. When you anticipate you're going to have time...

Lacrosse Film Review: Alley Dodging & Shooting On The Run

In this lacrosse film review, we look at alley dodging and shooting on the run. Guys like Dox Aitken, Bryan Costabile and Jamie Trimboli are snipers while on the move making it very difficult for goalies to track their shots. In lacrosse, alley dodging is now a staple...

Lacrosse Film Review: Dodging From X, Beating Your Man High

Today we go over dodging from X with an emphasis on beating your man on the high side. We'll use examples featuring Ryder Garnsey, Michael Krauss and Michael Sowers, three of the best attackmen in the country. All three of these lacrosse players excel at dodging from...

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