In this LaxFactor Lacrosse Film Review, we’ll take a look at Cornell’s defensive slide packages & strategies for slowing down Yale’s offense….

The Cornell men’s lacrosse team (more specifically, their defense) came into the Ivy League finals knowing that stopping Ben Reeve’s and Yale’s high powered offense was going to be tough, but they were confident about their defensive game plan.

They executed it flawlessly in the end. The goal appeared to be to force Reeves to hurt them, while bottling up every other offensive player on the roster.

As part, Ben Reeves put up 4 goals in the first 18 minutes and 5 seconds of the game, but only put up a single goal through the games end. Jackson Morrill and Jack Tigh each managed a goal, as did Tyler Warner, but that was it for Yale’s normally potent offense.

The Cornell defense in the end played a flawless second half of lacrosse, rarely missing a slide, but even where they did goalie Christian Knight was there to make a save. Knight finished the day with 16 saves in an incredible outing.

So now all you defenders out there can’t say I didn’t hook you up.

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