In this LaxFactor Podcast Quick Hit, I discuss how awesome the new shot clock rule has been for the sport thus far. Nothing but an improvement.

Reason’s the shot clock has improved the sport of lacrosse…

20 seconds to clear has created more transition play as a result of failed clears and improved riding strategies that take advantage of the defense having to rush a bit more.

The “backs against the wall” aspect of the shot clock has greatly improved the average team’s offensive “aggression” to the point that we’re seeing teams with less talent competing at a higher level than they would have a year ago where they were allowed a bit more time in each possession. This has created an urgency that you only used to see towards the end of games or in desperate times.

It hasn’t watered down possessions as was feared as we haven’t seen more than a couple of shot clock calls on average in each game. Even where it’s happened more in a game, it’s kind of exciting watching a team play such perfect defense that an offensive team runs out of time. I never considered how awesome that is when your team forces a shot clock violation in basketball. Turns out that’s being proven true in lacrosse as well.