In this weeks LaxFactor Lacrosse Podcast, we’re going to discuss the PLL’s first playoff game from Friday night and all the excitement and sadness that came with it. We saw a great game that saw the Redwoods defeat the Archers by the games end, but a terrible accident within the final minutes of the game saw the Archers Jackson Place go down with what appeared to be a possible spinal injury.

We also got ourselves a copyright strike, so I’ll briefly discuss that and how that will change the channel moving forward. It’s total bull shit and totally a misuse of the YouTube content ID and copyright system, but we’re going to let it go and simply never put ourselves in position to have that crap happen again.

As for the college side of this podcast, I dive into D1 Lacrosse and it’s top 5 Returning point getters for 2020.

Part 2


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