I’m late to the party, but the PLL Championship game was played while I was amidst a 10-day vacation. It ended up being awesome and we all got to see the Whipsnakes drop the Redwoods thanks to some Matt Rambo heroics.

My big takeaways from this game and the PLL season in general…

Matt Rambo is a fucking beast. A savage animal that can’t be stopped. And more importantly, he’s fun to watch and root for.

Ryder Garnsey and Matt Kavenaugh are as dynamic a duo as you’ll find anywhere on a lacrosse field. Like Rambo, they too are fun to watch. Between Garnsey and his hustle plays, and Kavenaugh just getting points at key moments when the Reds needed them most, these guys are must see TV.

Landis didn’t play bad covering Rambo at all. Rambo is just a force. On that goal that Rambo scored to force OT, Landis was only slightly beat because of that pick, almost recovered, had a chance to take the ball away over his shoulder, but Rambo is just too good a using that beefy frame to protect his stick. Landis didn’t do a bad job overall all things considered.

These guys bought in this year. They bought in and they played their asses off. They went hard, they fought, they took some cheap shots, and they balled out hard. The PLL has won me over by the end, and next season I promise I’ll cover it with more conviction.

Tim Troutner Jr. deserved that rookie of the year nod. That 12 second sequence in the finals where he made an easy save, through the ball away and then made two huge stops back to back…sick.

The World Indoor Lacrosse Championships have reached the big game, Canada against the Iroquois Nationals for all the marbles. The Iroquois dropped the US 9-7 in a close game, and Canada merked England in their semi 21-4.


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