In this episode of the LaxFactor Lacrosse Podcast (#50, Part 1), we’ll talk about the second day of the PLL playoffs and how they bored me and we’ll also do a segment on the top returning Tewaaraton candidates for the 2020 college/ncaa/d1 lacrosse season.

Admittedly, the PLL had me pumped after Friday nights action, and Saturdays action bored the crap out of me…badly. Didn’t watch both games, only made it through the first quarter of the 1st game on Saturday. It is what it is, but I’m trying.

Then we go into the guys I think will lead in the quest to win the 2020 Tewaaraton Award. Guys like Jeff Teat and Michael Sowers will rely a bit on their teams win/loss record. Guys like Chris Gray, Michael Kraus and Matt Moore have to prove they can play top level lacrosse yet again, and it’s Grant Aments award to win or lose, bottom line.