The 2019 college lacrosse season was crazy. I thought back on some of my favorite plays that I think were defining moments in 2019 for different reasons, and in this video I’ll show you four of my favorite moments from 2019.

Pat Spencer’s dive goal vs Rutgers was huge because it showed that the officials were going to use their judgement on how to decide if a player’s contact with the goalie constitutes a penalty or not, and it was pretty damn awesome on top of it.

Brendan Curry’s game-winning overtime goal vs Duke giving Syracuse their 3rd straight one-goal game over their ACC rival, the Blue Devils.

Asher Nolting’s sick behind-the-back goal against UVA was one of the coolest moments of 2019 by far.

In that same game, Tim Troutner Jr. made a game-winning save against Matt Moore allowing High Point the one-goal victory on the road over the highly ranked Cavs.