Quick Dodging or Two Step Dodging, including hitching” and face dodges and the like take advantage of a moving or shifting defense seeing an off-ball player receiving a pass, immediately dodging into open space with the goal being to get their hands free and get a shot off as soon as possible.

You must first be able to “identify” a good time to go. Once you know it’s time, you must then make sure to actually catch the ball, as many will take their eye off the ball a bit as they are scanning the field (learn to do both at the same time). Finally, once the ball is in your stick, shift your wait opposite where you want to go either via a step, shake, whatever, and then dodge hard into the open space opposite your set-up step.

Important to consider, you are trying to get a shot off, so as soon as your hands are free, let it rip. Holding the ball too long will allow your defender, or a help defender to get on your hands and break up your shooting motion, or worse, plant you into the ground.

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