Everyone is talking about Matt Gaudet’s trash talk and Garrett Epple retaliating and jacking Gaudet up. My view, you talk trash in the manner Gaudet was talking trash and you risk getting popped. That’s what happened, nothing more. Sometimes if you put a bad attitude out into the world, you get a bad attitude back. I’m not saying that Epple was justified in his actions. I’m just saying I’m not surprised. This is how male interactions have gone for 100,000 years and this is how we’ll continue for another 100,000 years.

Game 7 of the PLL action needed overtime for the Redwoods to get their first win of the season on a Jones to Garnsey connection. Both goalies played well, Tim Troutner Jr. going for 15 saves on the day (71% save percentage) and Blaze Riorden went for 23 saves (77% save percentage). Scoring was spread out pretty evenly between both rosters, Myles Jones had a great game, 1 goal, 2 assists with the game winning apple and Ryder Garnsey scored that game winner and finished with 2 goals on the day.

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