One of Virginia’s up and coming stars, Payton Cormier has entered the transfer portal according to Terry Foy of Inside Lacrosse. Cormier put up 12 goals and 7 assists over six games in the 2020 season. He put up 3 goals in his first collegiate action and 5 points (4g, 1a) in a UVA win over High Point. Lars Tiffany is hopefull he will decide to stay.

I was also surprised to see that Jonathan Donville of Cornell was in the portal. It’s possible he too stays put, especially considering Jeff Teat gets to stay and play a 5th season at Cornell, a rarity in the Ivy that Cornell seems to like acting on.

The PLL reversible pinnies dropped this week and fans are ANGRY. Coming in at $80, a huge majority of the social media comments originating from the announcement posts were very, very negative. I think a $50 to $60 price point would have been applauded, and it would have resulted in more jerseys out there in circulation promoting their league. I get it, you need to make money, and you need to do so in an efficient way. Maybe pricing them at $80 was part of that strategy. Or maybe they just made a mistake? We’ll see.

Lacrosse Bucket had two good articles out that I’ll talk about, one covering what a post-Sowers Princeton may look like, and another proclaiming Penn State the team to beat in the B1G. I’ll give you my take.

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