Everyone knows by now. The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) just absorbed (aka merged with) Major League Lacrosse and lacrosse fans are going bonkers. Some are happy. Some are sad. Some are indifferent. Some are popping hilarious shots at Paul Rabil. In the end, this was inevitable, although I am a touch surprised it’s happened so soon. In hindsight though, we all should have seen it coming.

In today’s episode we’ll talk about what this means for the MLL players. What it means for some of the aging or fringe PLL players. The deepest college lacrosse draft in a decade, maybe ever is about to drop, and there are probably only about 8 to 12 roster spots available for the guys coming out.

College guys I can’t wait to see play at the next level? Michael Sowers, Jeff Teat, Mac O’Keefe, JT Giles-Harris to name a few.

MLL guys I hope make the transition and do well, Lyle Thompson, Ryan Lee, Sean Sconone, Bubba Voigt, Bryce Wasserman.

So we’ll talk about this PLL/MLL merger in a lot more depth today and let us know in the comments what you think.

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