OK, our Lacrosse Film Review series is BACK and in this video we will be discussing the art of “drawing and dumping”, aka, beat your man, or make the other team “think” you’ve beat your man, force an adjacent slide and feed your teammate next in line who’s hopefully waiting for your dish.

So the idea here is, one player is going to dodge to the cage, or make a move towards the cage. In the process of doing so, if the other team is sliding “adjacent”, meaning, the guys to either the left or right of your defender are where they are sliding from, you draw one of those slides, opening up your teammate next to you, and then feed that player the ball.

For Lacrosse Coaches:
Teaching offensive lacrosse strategy doesn’t have to be hard. So in these videos we’ll break down scenarios that can help make it easier for you to teach your players the basics of field awareness.

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