We’ll keep this simple…Maryland will repeat and will finish 5-0. Rutgers and Ohio State should battle it out to see who finishes second. Hopkins could surprise, rebound and end up taking out either Rutgers or Ohio State and Penn State and Michigan will battle it out for the worst team in the conference. There will be lots of offensive firepower witnessed from all teams involved, but there are too many suspect teams defensively in this conference and that will keep Michigan and Penn State in the bottom of the pack.

Logan Wisnauskas, Daniel Maltz, Kyle Long, Anthony DeMaio, Bubba Fairman, Keegan Khan and Jonathan Donville on offense for Maryland? Forget about it. And back on defense are Matt Rahill, Brett Makar and John Geppert with McNaney in cage still? Forget about it and never mention it again. Maryland wins the B1G with a 5-0 record and will take their butts back to the Final 4.

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