Legendary lacrosse coach Bill Tierney announced he will retire at the end of the 2023 lacrosse season. Let’s list his accomplishments in all their glory…

  • 429-147 win/loss record
  • .745 winning percentage
  • 30 NCAA Tournament appearances (28 in Division I)
  • 25 trips to the NCAA Tournament Quarterfinals
  • 15 NCAA D1 Championship Weekend appearances.
  • 9 NCAA D1 Title Game appearances
  • 7 National Titles
  • Two-Time National Coach of the Year
  • Won 14 Ivy league Championships with Princeton
  • 3 ECAC regular-season titles
  • 1 ECAC Tournament title
  • 7 Big East regular-season titles
  • Two Big East Tournament Championships
  • Fastest coach in D1 history to achieve 400 wins.
  • 157-54 record through 13 seasons at Denver.

He revolutionized how the sport of lacrosse is coached and in turn has greatly changed how the game has been played over the years.  Rule changes that happened recently like the shot clock were put in place because Tierney revolutionized the way defense is played, changing the way that offenses attacked his teams.  Slowly but surely the strategies he implemented while at Princeton were implemented everywhere resulting in a slower paced game that required changes be made to improve pace.

Imagine having your hands shape a sport so much that the very rules committees he sometimes sits on had to change said rules to offset your effect?

The guy is a legend and I can’t express enough how thankful I am to have gotten to follow his career (with both hate and love) and I wish him and his family nothing but the best.

The PBLA’s Skkylar Thomas Has Turned Some Heads

One player I want to highlight out of the PBLA is Skkylar Thomas.  He played at Onondaga and I don’t have much that I could find in way of stats other than he scored 29 goals with 40 assists in 2018 for the Lazers a year in which they won the NJCAA National Title.

So far in the two games I’ve watched him play in the PBLA, the kid is a problem.  A true 50/50 threat as I’ve seen him throw some really nice passes as well as score some highlight real goals.

I was at the Elmira Renegades & Syracuse Spark game in Elmira last weekend and he stuck a filthy dive from behind goal, mixed with a bit of a back-hand and was a big bright spot for Syracuse in their second loss.

In the full podcast video I’ll also do a run-down of this weekends NLL and PBLA action, so don’t stop here, be sure to watch/listen to the full episode.

Listen to the audio version…

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