Syracuse Lacrosse will have an embarrassment of riches in terms of offensive depth in the spring of 2024 thanks to winning the transfer portal. Jake Stevens & Sam English (Princeton) will both see a ton of time at midfield and attackman Christian Mule (Lehigh) is the perfect compliment to Spallina and Hiltz on attack. But adding a FOGO and two very capable LSM’s certainly doesn’t hurt. This is a much improved roster between these key transfers, the incoming guys and the returners will reap the benefits.

Jake Stevens (MID)

As complete a player as you’ll find playing college lacrosse in 2024.  His career numbers are impressive…

  • 2023: 24g, 5a, 29p, 41% shooting, 8 man up goals, 35gbs, 4to, 4cto (15 games)
  • 2022: 22g, 2a, 24p, 38.6% shooting, 5 man up goals, 1 game winner, 65gbs, 13to, 7cto (16 games)
  • 2019: 5g, 3a, 8p, 60gbs, 7to, 11cto (14 games)
  • CARRER: 58g, 11a, 69p, 38.4% shooting, 179gbs, 26to, 24cto (50 games)
  • Honorable Mention AA in 2023

Sam English (MID)

Only played 9 games in 2023 and didn’t play his first full collegiate season until he was a Junior.  So some may not realize how big of a pickup this is.

  • 2023:  9g, 13a, 20p, 18.9% shooting, 11gbs, 14to, 1cto (9 games)
  • 2022:  30g, 18a, 48p, 34.5% shooting, 27gbs, 30to, 8cto (16 games)
  • CAREER:  38g, 32a, 30.4% shooting, 43gbs, 45to, 12cto

Christian Mule (ATK)

Will provide as much utility as a starter on this Cuse attack as Stevens will at midfield. Another huge pickup as he will fit in perfectly with Spallina and Hiltz, and probably allows for Gait to plug Spallina in on the right wing instead of at X.

  • 2023:  29g, 44a, 73p, 31.2% shooting, 20gb, 34to, 7cto (15 games)
  • 2022:  33g, 11a, 44p, 39.3% shooting, 26gb, 21to, 6cto (15 games)
  • 2021:  31g, 14a, 45p, 36% shooting, 14gb, 11to, 3cto (12 games)
  • CAREER:  109g, 74a, 183p, 36.6% shooting, 74gb, 71to, 18cto (48 games)

Mason Kohn (FACEOFF)

Syracuse was terrible at the faceoff dot last season, but it wasn’t totally on their fogo’s.  They didn’t get great wing play consistently either due to a mix of injuries and lack of depth. Bringing in Kohn, a guy that destroyed at D3 Tufts a season ago is huge, but additions like Stevens and the LSM’s that I’ll talk about soon, they will be just as important to the Orange’s faceoff success as Kohn will be.

  • 2023:  71.6% win percentage, 255 faceoffs won, 184gbs, 7g, 3a, 10p
  • Fogo of the year, 1st team AA

Steven Schmitt (LSM)

Had an incredible season in 2023 and was a big reason Connor Beals won 65.1% of his draws last season. The Mount got very solid wing play out of their shorties and Schmitt and that helped Beals who is a very good fogo.

  • 2023:  9g, 4a, 13p, 97gbs, 4to, 29cto
  • CAREER:  12g, 6a, 18p, 171gbs, 9to, 64cto

Matt Wright (LSM)

Yet another very capable LSM that isn’t too bad from the wing and in open space.  Will add quality depth on a defense that badly needs it.

  • 2023:  1g, 3a, 4p, 27gbs, 3to, 9cto
  • CAREER:  7g, 5a, 12p, 148gbs, 23to, 50cto
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